No, I don’t mean I got drunk one night and bought way too many things on Amazon… but this probably will include some things I bought on Amazon.

Anyway, I know people hate the premise of “instagram influencers” but lord knows the few I follow have done their job because this is all about the stuff I’ve been influenced to buy and have loved. Gotta ask yourself before taking the plunge, are these for real? Are these endorsements just for the money? Will these products actually be game changers? Well thankfully their discount codes help me reason out spending money on things I otherwise wouldn’t think I needed, but now I cannot live without. Some of my favorite influencers include: Eva Shockey, Stefany Bare, Lauren Kay Sims, Rachael Devaux, and a few others I can’t think of at the moment for whatever reason. Whether it’s home decor, weird amazon finds, skincare products or just about anything else, I’ve come to trust them and have definitely been influenced more than a few times to try their favorite products. Of all these suggestions we’re receiving any given moment via social media, these are some of my favorites!

Diva Detergent – Tyler Candle Store

Going to go ahead and say it, really expensive, and arguably figured it wasn’t going to be worth it. Got sucked down a rabbit hole of Amazon reviews, and they all said the same thing… that it smelled amazing. Tried a smaller size off of Amazon, and was immediately put off of it when I opened the bottle. Why does this smell so strong? Why does this stink? (It didn’t actually stink but I didn’t know how else to describe what I was smelling) – Sure enough, if you add it into some of your detergent, it smells, as stated by a bajillion amazon customers and the influencer I was influenced by, amazinggggg. I haven’t branched into my clothes smelling that way, as its fairly long lasting and I’d just be wasting it on things I rewash every week, but 10/10 would recommend your comforter and sheets being washed in this. Amazing.

Gimme Beauty Hair Ties – Gimme Beauty

Do you need to buy hair ties that aren’t from Walgreen’s that are more than $5 for a pack of like 15? No. Did I buy hair ties that aren’t from Walgreen’s that were more than $5 for a pack of 15? Sure did. And I would do it again too. As I’ve gotten older, I feel like my hair type has changed, but for reference, I have straight, thick-ish, long Asian hair. Because my hair has changed from truly thick (in my opinion) – I’ve been trying all sorts different things to not further impact my hair, like using improved, non damaging hair ties. I love their scruchies. I love their elastics or whatever they’re made of. Can confirm that they remain elastic and that they are durable during daily use. Will say they do tend to stretch out if used daily but I put my hair ties through the absolute ringer, especially during quarantine. With influencer discount codes, I’m not entirely sure how comparable the pricing is to the Walgreen’s pack – but it made me feel better about buying them, to the point where I’ve stocked up and can pretty much declare that these will be the only hair ties I use going forward. Eva’s code last I heard was EVA30. Go get you some.

Pet Hair Remover – ORDORA

Having 3 large dogs, there is pet hair literally everywhere. I actually buy my favorite clothes in 2 versions sometimes so I can have one I can wear around the house, free of worry of pet hair forever being on it and one that I do my best to keep rid of pet hair. Obviously that’s somewhat insane, so my suggestion to most is just get a pet hair remover. Lint Rollers, I have a ton of them. They don’t do enough. I either run out of sheets and the replacement sheets don’t fit another lint roller, or I need like 5-7 sheets at a time to rid myself of ALL of the pet hair. Then I found the Ordora Pet Hair Remover. I haven’t used it on clothes just yet, but if it works anything like it does on my pillows/sheets/couches/etc – it’ll be just fine. Thankful I don’t have to whip the vacuum out every moment of every day and can rely on this to help bridge the gap between vacuum days. I’m not sure how it works, but it does!

Butter Sweats – Tribe Kelley

Not an influencer buy I don’t think – but I’m still going to include this because I just love them. Quarantine has meant an all time high amount of time in my sweats. What started as me in my heavyweight Championship brand sweatshirt turned into me seeking the best out there and I’m confident it’s Tribe Kelley. Made in the US, the Butter sweats are super soft, semi lightweight, and still warm. I know you’re thinking that these are expensive, and $85 is an exorbitant amount to pay for a sweatshirt but I promise you for all the reasons above are reasons to invest in a piece from Tribe Kelley.

So ya – those are my favorite things I’ve bought thus far during the pandemic that I’m now obsessed with. I’ve also recently bought a Chirp Wheel, a customized necklace of my dogs, a mini waffle maker/cookbook combo, and more Tribe Kelley. Will report back once I’ve gotten the full experience of all of those other influenced purchases!