Like it or not, the world of Sports has always been one dominated by men and male opinions. However within recent years, it appears that the tides have begun to turn. Everything from an increase of the presence of females on the major sports broadcast stations like ESPN and FS1, women in executive roles in major sports organizations, like Michele Roberts of the NBPA, and just a general increase of all women on tweeting about their favorite sports teams are all signs that women care about sports and can be knowledgeable and respected in the sports industry.

With that being said,  Not A Gameday Guide was born out of my passion for sports. It is not dedicated to the continued breaking the barrier of women in sports. It is not limited to one game or one team.  It doesn’t really bring you any new stats or any breaking news. It is  not used to find a new way to appeal to women beyond the game, like what cute crop top to wear to a hockey game or what food is sports themed and healthy. (Yes, there are plenty of blogs like that these days.) You will most definitely not find any tips of fashion, makeup, or food as it is Not a Gameday Guide.

This blog is meant to appeal to true sports fans, who love the game and love sports. It is dedicated to fans who most likely are just cool with eating pizza and/or nachos, grabbing a beer, and just tossing on whatever they feel like wearing to the stadium. It is meant to be an outlet. It is meant to be used to share highlights (and gifs), reflect on what there is to love about sports, jeer at what went so very wrong in games recently, share and discuss regurgitated stats from reputable sources and everything beyond and in between. Or it may just turn into a forum for sports thoughts and opinions that can’t effectively fit into 140 characters on Twitter.

Sports are my passion, and life is a journey.

Check out the blog, and see what it’s all about!